Reviews for "Mahjong Burger"

asian fusion at its best

love mahjong...love food

a perfect combination


a Mahjong game that has food yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's great

i've always loved mahjong, but it was always so difficult b/c the symbols were all in chinese and had very subtle differences. I like this one b/c you can tell what the tiles are without any question and it's a little more challenging with the time limit. I also loved how you added the shuffle feature. Great Game! keep it up

not bad

It's not bad, but i hate the whole conveyer belt thing because sometimes i used up all the tiles for a certian food and i don't have anymore left to get rid of say... 5 of that item in a row. Then i end up losing >.>

i like mahjong

I have always liked mahjong and this game is great. It is a bit on the younger side but it's nice to have something a little child-ish to play. Everyone needs a break from the harder, more serious games.