Reviews for "Mahjong Burger"

Yeah it should be constructive...

KillerIN's review sparks my thoughts. I played through easy to normal and I need up to 4 times to complete a level, and I expect to get more when I play hard. However I still think it's NOT really a game dependent on luck.

Okay, it needs some really BAD luck to lose, but as long as you don't consider "no moves" (which probably require restarting the level if you don't have shuffle) as a lose, this game actually have some really important strategy that will out-shadow the luck parts.

There are 2 points in playing this game (In case you are already familiar with mahjong puzzles):
1. Play WELL before play FAST. I'm not disregarding speed, but some tiles are confusing and a wrong match can dramatically jeopardize your game.
2. Avoid playing same tiles consecutively unless you are in a emergency or the move is extremely helpful (Revealing a lot of free tiles). Remember, a match will eliminate ALL food of that kind on the conveyor belt, so you should leave same pairs for later "belt cleaning".

Very Nice.

That is a fun game. I like Mahjong alot already, butt this is just awesome.

Great Presentation!

Very nice presentation and art. The score should be databased so you can compete against other people rather than just preset computer scores.

Okay if you consider that a review..

Basically, to dragonpaul99, this is not regular mahjong if you know what mahjong is. And to Duamanator, you can turn OFF the sound hello? And reviews are supposed to be constructive.. It's not a commentive board kinda thing. Anyway no offence ya? Just had to say that, cuz it's kinda too rough for the creator i feel?

This game has some kind of potential i believe, but the thing is, the game style is set in such a way that whether it can be completed or not, is totally based on luck. Perhaps difficulty can be in a way like speed of the trolley, or choice of mahjong tiles if given an option. So i'm given THREE green apples as the first three. AND even though i managed to remove some doughnuts and milk and stuff, i'd never get to an apple tile or a doll tile, which of course that killed me. With those soccer balls, dolls, et cetera. Well i thought that maybe i'd meet some food which i had tiles for in the later part of the stage, but it's all random stuff. Well, it may sound dumb but, if one's lucky, it can get too easy! The difficulty is set to meet the two extremes i feel, either sick ass easy or plain lame. Yes of course the genre of this game is sort of based on luck already, but with the food order thing going on, too much luck is needed. And sad to say, i don't have much of that. So for me, it could have been a pretty refreshing game, but it couldnt even last long enough for me to feel any fun at all. And i agree, it needs a shop of some sort.

Although there shouldn't be a SEQUEL, cuz you should just improve on this one. it'll be great if you do!


The game was good, it had a nice theme, music and all the tiles went together well. It's just that, Mahjong is such a stupid game. Why choose Mahjong? Did you run out of ideas or something? Anyway, nice look and playability.