Reviews for "Mahjong Burger"

Super Cute Game

Really enjoyed this game, very well made and a definate attribute to newgrounds.

Rememebr NG is for everyone!

This is a great game, I let my daughter play this and she loves it! She's only 6, so guys give me a break. The animation is colorful, the game play is challenging enough for my kid. Obviously some people have their own ideas of whatkind of submissions NG should have, but get a clue! The motto isn't By everyone, for everyone for a reason! Thanks for a great submission, this is one game that I am even proud to play.

nice way to pass the time.

This game keep you entertained and strategizing at the same time of which tiles to pick because at times when you match the wrong tiles they don't stop the conveyor from moving. very fun.

yea i liked it

well i liked this one

Holy fucking wow!!!

That was awesome, I LOVE mahjong and that was really good!!!!