Reviews for "Mahjong Burger"


I like the game, even though its aimed at a young audience. It runs smooth, the gameplay is nice, and the the thing with only the useable mahjongtiles lighting up is really nice, i often wished for such a feature in other mahjonggames as there often tend to be some tiles which are close to invisible behind the others.

Keep up the good work, and dont let it get to you that others gives a bad score because its aimed at youngsters.


good game

I really enjoyed the game I wish there were more levels though and the ending was a little bit lame but overall I think it is a good game.


Its a good game. I mean the mahjong is a little 'americanized' but I like the idea of a burgar joint. But they also served weird stuff like soccerballs and flan. I mean did you just run out of ideas??!

baby mahjong

Mahjong for kidz!!!!! Weaaaaaaaaaaak..

nice way to pass the time.

This game keep you entertained and strategizing at the same time of which tiles to pick because at times when you match the wrong tiles they don't stop the conveyor from moving. very fun.