Reviews for "Mahjong Burger"



Holy fucking wow!!!

That was awesome, I LOVE mahjong and that was really good!!!!

wow in simplicity

this game was entertaining and fun not to hard yet not to easy the grafix where grat and the game kept my attention if only just by wanting to see whitch charachtor would come up next the game is fun EOD


this was a great game!

i am a really big fan of mahjong, and quite frankly i was really tired of the same ol', same ol', so for u to have recreated it like this, makes it alot more fun to me, thanx. u have made my newgrounds experience!!! a big :) 4 u..... i lost on the 7th level, but i will definitely play again!!! :) great job, keep it up!

Great new approach on Mahjong!

Very extraordinary concept and a very unique feel blend to make a wonderful and colorful masterpiece! True genius!