Reviews for "Mahjong Burger"

pretty good

ummmmmmmmm well is ok


I like Majhong and with this game the concept is a fresh way to present an old game tipology.


1. i found a "glitch" or something like that, i had a pair left, but they were on top of eachother, so i couldnt pair them at all! if its possible, plz fix it lol. if thats suppose to be, then nvm about it.
2. Fix no. 1 if thats not suppose to be. make some other challenging twists, cant think of any suggestions right now. Good luck on the sequal!
cool game tho. gl

Pretty good

Nice game but i get a little bored throught levels

i thought the waitress was cute :3

well i kinda agree with some of the other reviews. but nonetheless...this was still very well put together and i agree with Seishin1 alllllllot.