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8-bit Duel. Topman!

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Author Comments

Well this is my first Flash movie and I must say im impressed at how well it turned out

When i started this movie i was given a simple challenge. Make Topman the Lamest Robot Master in Rockman 3 Look cool. And by god i did it! This was originally a tribute to some of my Favorite NES games back in the day and it includes a Mini Tribute to my second Favorite Webcomic 8bit theatre.

So without further adieu Watch my First and Greatest Work!

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Hadouken + Top = Toppuken xD
BTW, great movie!


LOL O.O random samus running by XD and topman was like who the hell was that?

Too Cool

This movie likes Dragon Ball... Topman look likes so strong.

I can see its ur first flash

That was pretty good. The only main problem I had was they didnt move they just span.


The Top-Man duel was rather interesting and was fun to watch too,i liked the attack moves and though the framerate wasn't that good it was still an enjoyable watch.