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Reviews for "8-bit Duel. Topman!"

Great Job!!!

This was an excellent movie, as well as a great tribute to some old great video games...

This was your first movie?
If it really was you should get into flash more often... your work can only get better!

Great work once again!!!

PS- if I could have changed one thing, I would have had lil mac or doc say something in the last scene!


That was awesome! The animation wasn't spectacular or anything, but that doesn't matter when it's that funny! good work!

great job MB =D

I can only say that I loved this, great job man =D

and I have to say this <_<>_> I knew MB before he was famous w00t lol.

Oh and to all who are saying shit about this movie =) I haven't seen a single word of advice, meaning you probably know jack about making movies yourself, so really, shut your pie hole already.

Wandering_Gambler( aka:~¤§etzer¤~)

what's that song?!?!?!

hey great movie, i love all the 8 bit movie and games. the NES was my fave console overall....but what was the 2nd song called that u played?!?! i wanna find it cause it sounds so funky! anyone know the name of it? Sampsonish@Hotmail.com ifg ya know. cheers, much apreciated

Mutant-Buster responds:

Its called "Struck by the Finger of God" and its from an anime called Mobile Fighter - Gundam G.


this was realy kool and must of took u ages