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Reviews for "8-bit Duel. Topman!"

About black mages beam attack thingy.

It's a max level hadouken not the kamehameha wave. It says so at nuklearpower.com

Simple, yet hilarious...

All the funny levels of yesteryear were back and the two top men were duking it out through all the favorites, Kirby, Excitebike, LOL Punch out (I thought the Carl Winslow reamark was right on). Very funny. Keep up the mega work man!

my first review, your first flash, LET'S DO THIS!!

sound:g-gundam song. humor/style/graphics:cameos&fighting. the rest of the s***:you are mutant_buster. this review would be longer but this is the 5th time i typed it, so F*** OFF. KEEP IT UP

Not bad 4 a first flash!

The fighting looked like Dragonball Z style tho especialy The Mage Using the Kamehameha Wave.
But all aound good work!

Very very nice for a first

Lets make a list.

Sprites: Cut without white dots
Music: Well used and timed
Other effects: Explosions need work, but aren't that bad. Speach bubbles look crappy, I'm sorry but they do.

Over all, a very well made vid for a first flash.