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Reviews for "8-bit Duel. Topman!"

Smack dat top!

They beat each other so many times its scary :) The only thing i would add is the Ice Climers going "WHAT DA"! heh This r0x0rs!

A tribute and a parody!?!

GREAT!Its a tribute to NES and a parody.I love it.
I love all the stages from all other games.Ice climbers,kirby,final fantasy,mario,god this is great!Keep up the good work!


After reading most of the comic, I hafta say..This is awesome! I hope that the rest, if you ,make any more, will be this good. (( BTW.. I haven't read really that much..I'm only on strip 182 ^_^;; ))

To much

There is way way way to much read for me on this one eazy it up


Oh, dear god man! that was one of the best entries on ng i have ever seen! my favorite part was when they met up wit the cast of 8 bit theater. Oh yea, i hope theres more of those...