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Reviews for "8-bit Duel. Topman!"

I like it

That is the coolest and far most the best 1st timer on NG's. Leep up the good Humor. Heheh I like swords. can;t never forget Fighter :)

what's that song?!?!?!

hey great movie, i love all the 8 bit movie and games. the NES was my fave console overall....but what was the 2nd song called that u played?!?! i wanna find it cause it sounds so funky! anyone know the name of it? Sampsonish@Hotmail.com ifg ya know. cheers, much apreciated

Mutant-Buster responds:

Its called "Struck by the Finger of God" and its from an anime called Mobile Fighter - Gundam G.

good movie

Brings back alot of memories. Really good movie for your first one. Keep up the good work.

I loved it

My favorite game was MegaMan 3 for the NES. I liked it how they fought all through different games that was good. Make some more movies.

great job MB =D

I can only say that I loved this, great job man =D

and I have to say this <_<>_> I knew MB before he was famous w00t lol.

Oh and to all who are saying shit about this movie =) I haven't seen a single word of advice, meaning you probably know jack about making movies yourself, so really, shut your pie hole already.

Wandering_Gambler( aka:~¤§etzer¤~)