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Reviews for "8-bit Duel. Topman!"

MM3 rulz!

Omg, you should make more movies like these, like Cut Man v.s Siccor Man. PROJECT X RAWKS!

Topman's cool...

don't you think?

great fighting

it started out pretty boring, but it got a lot better with the scenery changes and increase of pace. also, i LOVED the theme from gundam g. i need to know where that's from.. ha, i guess the guy before me said the same thing. it kicks ass, really it does.

i'm a sucker for style, and this movie really does have it. keep up the good work.

This movie will forever stay in my mind.

This movie was genious, it had everything Carl Winslow, Kirby, the ice climber kids, and Fighter!
Whoever said this movie is lame, I have two things to say to you 1.Do you think you can make a better movie? 2.Do you know the pain of making a flash movie? It takes a long time and pain to make a good flash movie, but the finishing result is the reward. 3.How did it have homosexual content?

I would watch this movie instead of Titanic any day of the week

Oh well, it could've been worse...

Well, it was pretty good made, but that isn't all... Oh well, at least I'll give you pretty good scores, although the violence isn't bloody enough.

Good luck in the future