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Reviews for "8-bit Duel. Topman!"

Oh yeah!!

That was great! Very cool dude. You should make more! The only thing I wanted to see that wasnt there was Dreidleman having a Dreidle on his head. But hey, everything else was top notch. People seem to be finding it hard to belive that this is your first movie. Thats how good it is!

Great Job!!!

This was an excellent movie, as well as a great tribute to some old great video games...

This was your first movie?
If it really was you should get into flash more often... your work can only get better!

Great work once again!!!

PS- if I could have changed one thing, I would have had lil mac or doc say something in the last scene!

Bitching MB!

I like how you incorperated other famous Nintendo games. Go Mutant Buster!

That was cool.

That was pretty good. I liked the cross over parts too.