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11/16/08: this is already looking very aged haha. the sooner i get my next film out the better, cuz its a hell lot more skilled than this trash. stay toooooooooooooned!

05/24/12: well the new film is out. you already knew that

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Well, that was quite dark, but I enjoyed it very much. It's mostly because of how good the animation is. Everything is just so gorgeous here. You can say Merry Christmas. Nobody celebrates Hanukah or Kwanzaa anyway. The music was great.

My favorite part was when it showed his skeleton. I just love how dark it is. We need stuff like that here. At least he didn't murder anybody. I'm probably just too used to ultra violence.

... this is what happens when you choose to take drugs kids.... also poor guy ;-; it is very saddening

Poor guy. But what happened to him?

I wanted violence and gore but THIS IS JUST SAD! (yes I have feelings)

I want the same disease he had. Were those nematodes or something else? Tapeworms maybe? Or flukes? Either way, I would love to vomit up squirming pestilence as it overtakes my digestive system.

Oh, and you're awesome.