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Reviews for ""Winter""

Extremely Uplifting

I am in a much better more positive mood after watching this!! Thanks and keep up the good work!!


i fell bad for dat hobo =(

Fuck yeah.

Fuckin' balls-to-the-wall awesome. Kinda reminds me of the band Kansas on their 1224 BC tour to benefit the ADD epidemic sweeping the world. But anyway, I bet the homeless guy deserved it.


You did an amazing job. Your style in this movie seemed very original, not only because of the the subtle details in the art like the way you drew the lines but also because of the music that added extra effect to this flash. Rarely do I write reviews, but this one deserves. I'm surprised this didn't get any rewards or at least get on the front page.

so i dont usally write reviews

but i m gonna nake an exeption so that i can try to be even more ignorant and stupid than the people below me. Firs of this perfectly captures the spirit of christmas peace on earth and all that crap. But as everyone has fun and fells joy with his loved ones ,there is this poor hoomeless guy who is on the verge of death and everybody is to busy with their hipocratical love for others to even notice him. But he still has some hope left(the bank note) but even that is taken away from him. So he goes insane and dies in his hands a human head the only afection given to him on this christmas day. Now what I thought was the best part about it (exept for the music) is that you show that people sufer and even die on christmas, the holiday of love,peace and tolerance. For me it is also a test to see if you can still fell any empahty at all.

I also really loved your animation stil, hope to see some new flash from you soon.