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Reviews for ""Winter""

Ignore the others

People think that all animation has to be happy and sad. This stuff is life, not everything is Awesome or a cock joke. People here don't seem to accept that. It was great, and the only reason that anyone would vote this down is because they don't understand it. I hope your next movie does great.


I hate when people get all upset about it being
a rather depressing work.
I think its really amazing.
but alot of the time
people on Newgrounds shun something
That isnt a cock joke here
or an explosion there.

Just because its sad.
Thats life
and your the one actually acknowledging it.
Everyone doesnt want to see that stuff
because it upsets their world.
Well guys, the worlds upsetting.

Good job man.
Forget what others say.

Sherbalex responds:

tis already forgotten!


nice animation but the story suck ass

Sherbalex responds:


Is it wrong I found that funny

I found that quite amusing actually, I think it's because how he was just randomly puking up blood and shit. Anyways, how did this get into the christmas 2007 AND 2008 collection?

Sherbalex responds:


Nice animation.

Its very nice animation. some of the best I have seen on NG.
But i agree with Aaron1046. You should not make flashes like this. There are real people that really suffer out there while we are all at home enjoying our lives.
And its depressing.
10/10 for the great work, very detailed, but... 0/10 for the animation. Try to make a happier animation next time.

Sherbalex responds:

ill make whatever the hell i damn well want to, mi amigo.