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Reviews for ""Winter""

great animation

Really good animation but abit harsh. lol.


Nice animation!
He died......mwuahahahaa!!!!

BTW: hahahaha!

Sherbalex responds:



Top quality! That was awesome. I could see the sad side, but I didne get drawn into it. I saw humour though... Does that make me a bad person? Really well animated, really dark too!

Sherbalex responds:


Did you realizewhen you made this

That it's incredibly sad? I mean horribly. I mean I wish I had never watched it. I mean lots and lots of horrible sadness is cooked up in my mind for that dude.

You probably didn't, and I am only going to assume that because of your authors comments.

It's very good work.

Sad, but that's the point of making a flash to move an audience in a certain direction. You really made me hate this world, mostly cause I hate to see others pain, and you drew everything so well and animated it well and told a very horribly sad story. Well, just a snipet really, I'll never know how dude got so messed up.

I won't add this to my favorites because it makes me to sad. It's good enough to be there though.


PS The only thing that may be sadder than this flash might be the fact that you probably don't realize how good it really is.

PPS I'll have to check out your other work now!

PPPS I'm not a homo!

Sherbalex responds:

this world really is a terrible place but we must do what we can :)

no, i didnt realize it was incredibly sad. i didnt think people would take this seriously at all. they sure showed me! almost a year later and i still cant believe some of the reviews people left. who the hell is going to cry over a web cartoon

no, dont check out my other work, its terrible D:

Shocking and graphic

A sad and disturbing depiction of street life while contrastingly happy holidays go on without them. Possibly too unrealistically over-the-top, but since it's harder to upset, disturb or horrify people with animation it probably needed to be. Well animated and brilliant.