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Reviews for ""Winter""

That was...kind of beautiful? In a sick and possibly disturbing way? But I liked it. And there was a messsage in it (even though you never PURPOSELY have messages in your work, sherb) about how while you can have your really good times, somebody else is up Shit Creek without a paddle. And the fact that they could be so close by, and you could save them, but were unable to or decided not to. Good animation for it's time. Loved it. PUT OUT MORE WORK MORE FREQUENTLY. Thanks.

he right leg was cut of and then the light ?????


this sad:(

This is very sad to see all the happy people and then put a homeless living in this condition.You heartless bastard why would you do that,if i made this it would have a happy ending.Instead he dies in your version.Someone should have gave him money and he should get a new leg(fake metal ones)and a home fix up his wounds,you don't have to make him live in hell like you did.This is exactly what the description said,"This is a piece of trash."Life shouldn't be this way,should it?God please give this human a kind heart.You need to make a better remake right now.You sent a bad message,"you have money he doesn't just forget him." Last words this is filled with your unkindness and that makes it suck.

Sherbalex responds:

i hope you die

I feel sad now, but i really liked it

This animation made me feel really sorry for this guy. I want to know why you made an animation like this. What is the message you're sending, to me it's very unclear. The music added to the animation. This man has one leg, one eye, has a scalped head, cuts his hand and looks like he lost a finger in the process too, vomits up blood, cries blood out of his bad eye and what looks like he urinated blood too as hops over to the trash can. It just seems really brutal, this man is rotting from the inside out. Honestly for some reason this animation hit a nerve, not like I'm appalled or anything, the animation was good, their is a lot of feeling, it was as if I felt his anguish. What I find funny though about this animation is because of the rating you got on it, and called it trash, and this animation is the highest rating you've gotten out of all the other animations you've submitted. Also it seems like you don't take submitting your animations very seriously, you're the first that I've seen that doesn't post anything important to say about your animations that you've labored on, I think it would really help if you gave us something important to read in the author comments about what your message is or have a summary of the animation, or tell us that you worked hard on it besides saying blaaah. Anyways, I liked it, thought it was great, very moving, I'd like to see maybe a sequel or something or something similar.

Sherbalex responds:

blah blah blah