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Reviews for ""Winter""

Good job

Very good animated en the graphics also. But whats the story? And why was the blood gutting every where ? But it is very sad. Good job!

excellent animation, but:

no, im not gonna say its too gory. it was great :) no, im just wondering why at the end of the movie he A) toke the skull from the trash bin, B) why you saw his skeleton immediatly after, and C) what did he die from? other than that excellent animation, i can see why adam phillips has this favorited!


Hearing you trash animation that beats the blue bujeezus out of anything I've ever done (let alone the crap I've submitted) makes me want to crawl back under the crudely drawn rock from whence I came.

Very nicely done by the way.

Nice presentation, pretty gross, and sad...

I liked the animation and the story, but it feels sad seeing that guy watching the other people happy, while he is bleeding and falling apart bit by bit. By the way, with that guy's skeletons(on the part that his body shuts down), how did he even survive with bones like that. o_o

Good job

This was pretty depressing and well done if your goal was to influence the viewers emotion, or stimulate their thoughts about the holidays.