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Reviews for ""Winter""


Was a bit excessive with how much torment he was going through but... I liked it :D
It had good drawings and animation and a good message altogether. It's refreshing to see somethign that actually deserves front page on the front page.


that was an interesting vid, i enjoyed it alot.

..oh well

Good flash....but .......the pain ... dude
kinda fawkin bad for him...
well good jawb...
i feel sad men...
^^ lawl

I quite liked it

Good flash

umm may i jus ask WHAT THE HELL?

the music made it enjoyable but this truly is somethin id expect for halloween dude
sure hes homeless during winter but shitfire dead bodies n bodyparts layin around?
man i think he shoulda at LEAST had his leg.but oh well sucks for him.
i feel ya,u get bored n when u do u do whatever u can to not be bored anymore.so good job on makin something randomly creative lol