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Detective Grimoire

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A whole host of characters, detailed locations and a fiendish mystery to solve. Can you piece together the clues and discover the truth?

-Dim & Tom


Very Fun!

The funnest game I have played all day! Took me about 45 minutes to complete though. I loved the last minigame where you had to answer the questions correctly to prove the murderers guilt!

As I said Brilliant, creepy and most of all fun!


cute ending i'd say

Pretty good...

I got hooked on the story, and solving the mystery; I finished this game in an hour or so. It was a pretty good game. Decent graphics, emotional voice acting, okay storyline, great twists in the plot. The ending wasn't very good, but, it didn't really 'fail' in my opinion. Still, I didn't waste my time playing this! I enjoyed it!

Great game

Very good game, I like how the game works with the clue collecting, and the updating profiles.

One thing I disliked very much was the sheer amount of dialogue. That almost made me quit early.

The suspect clearing, and the whole mystery for that matter, could of been done better. I mean, I'm clearing somebody because I learned he has a crush on somebody else, and I guess that becomes his alibi? Eh. And I guess suspects get cleared when all information about them is discovered, still its funny to see somebody get cleared on a dumb last clue. For example I cleared Mandy as a suspect because I learned who her uncle was? lol.

I liked how the end played out too with us explaining how the whole t hing played out. But the actual ending about the guy's motive was not a satisfying ending to me. Was expecting something more interesting, a better and more concrete reason for murder.

But anyways, great game overall.


this game is quite entertaining. i liked the flow and the way the plot was designed. Very interesting indeed. Yet, it was too easy. The mechanic was the only character that didnt answer the investigator's questions and the game was pretty much just talking to people...it could be a little more like monkey island (interaction with objects is much much more entertaining 8B). Still, it was a very good shot, and im pretty sure that youre capable of doing even more elaborate games.

And, the characters could be a little more worked-up.

oh, and that creepy girl with the ballon looks like its coming on a sequel no?
Hm...that would be interesting xD

If you want to see a game with a really good plot, try Mystery Case Files. You might be amazed by the layout, scenes and creeepy story..... x3 maybe it will inspire you 8D
Just a hint, you might like it ;3

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