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_-={The Dead's Witness}=-_

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Demo MenuMusic for "The Wulfpack" The unkillable spirit known only as "The Dead's Witness"

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Epic song, perfect for the quiet after the battle!

in an age where tribes are ending...

and civilizations beginning, a runner, bruised, bloody, and without an arm, limps forward to the cheiftan. He speaks of how he got in such a state. "A rival tribe attacked me for no reaso..." his words faded there as his soul faded from existance. The Cheiftan wiped the grime from the runner's face, revealing it as his son. (song starts) He spreads the word. The war drums sound, armor is donned, the riival tribe would pay. As the cheiftan raises his weapon for the first kill, the other tribesman pleas "why are you doing this?" "your tribe killed my son for no reason"growled the cheiftan. "no" replied the terrified farmer"we had a reason" The cheiftan paused, allowing the man to continue"he stole our food, killed our children, destroyed our homes. HE WAS A CRIMINAL, DESERVED OF HIS FATE" with this the farmer raised a hidden dagger on the cheiftan.

(1.25)"no" declares the chieftan in a softer voice"you are right. I am sorry" He raised his Dragon horn, unique among the chieftans of his village. He stopped his wariors. It had been a misunderstanding, that was all. A strong alliance pacted between the tribes, and the poor farmer was hailed as a hero, for avioding the bloodshed that would have been caused by thses great tribes making war.

Doesn't exactly fit it but the beginning reminded me too much of tribes and war drums and the like so i rolled with that.

An epic story

the lone samurai stands on the hill, the cries of his enemy fill his ears, rage swells inside him, fallen comrades lie next to him, mothers, children, no one was spared, his fathers trustworthy blade rests in his hands, as the chimes ring he gazes towards a blooming cherry tree as the petals softly fluttler towards the ground he is reminded that the is beauty in life and beauty in death, the release of his earthy bonds is found in the blade he had so passionatly weilded in battle gazing once more out into the horizon he lifts up his blade plunges it deep into his chest, life was his true enemy and death had freed this man, he regretted nothing.


I can only imagine two situations this would be used for
Two armies stand on opposite sides of a single farm field, each ready to die for their cause. They charge forward, and clash at the middle.
A tribe is celebrating a victory, a birth, or respecting a death, depending on the situation.

great stuff

very epic, doesn't sound like the typical audio electronic garglemesh that's on here - very orchestral and film-worthy. is it wrong that around halfway when it cools into the chimes it reaaaallly....reaaaalllly makes me nostalgic for the lion king?