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Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"

This game is by far my favorite. Grimoire is not your standard detective, but what he lacks in the hat department he makes up for with comedic lines. The game itself follows a point and click/ phoenix wright style style filled with a question menu and evidence menu. The characters are clear all with great personality. I've been interested in the new download sequel, but it cost money.

Despite it being a great game I did find one problem with gameplay, and that is the eye contact aspects of it. This part of the game shows a mechanic that can be used to find the truth behind a character's lies, but it seems to simple. hopefully in the new installment this mechanic will be fixed. In the end, I give this game 4.5 out of 5 exploding bombs.

I've played this before years ago on Yahoo Games. It's a murder mystery with the interesting feature where you interrogate a suspect. Kind of a simple point and click and easy to follow, not too bad.

Wow, i like this game so much!
I like the idea of getting the truth, cuz it is a nice thing, to keep your eyes open for a white flash and catch the characters lying.
About in the middle of the game, i already been making assumption on who has killed Hugh, had an assumption Pete did it, it could be noticable, but not gonna spoil anything if the readers haven't completed the game.
I like detective games, this one, will be my favourite one, always

Definitely one of my favorite classics next to The Dead Case. :)

All the many clues, characters, and dialogue choices were a nice touch. ^_^

Also, maybe it's just me, but I actually liked the little girl. :? Maybe seeing her for real in that atmosphere would be creepy, but I always wanted to believe that she was related to the victim who died and was his daughter, so she wanted to help the police get justice on him (in a more or less innocently childish way though).

Then she got way different in the sequel. :p

Also, Kill Them All is probably one of my favorite songs in a flash game next to the songs in Memohuntress such as "Rose Inn" and stuff from The Sagittarian series, and maybe TCT (The Color Tuesday's) "Rose at Midnight" (Oh yeah, Epic Battle Fantasy is also good. :))

My only complaint is that the bad guy always seems to be the same. :( I think someone else said that too somewhere (might not be here) a very long time ago.

First thoughts: The introduction caught my attention; I watched all of it.
I appreciate how the characters' eyes and mouths moved with the dialogue; shows attention to extra details. The sighing noises could be varied a little more as they became a tad repetitive.
I enjoyed the music entering the fairground. Creepy, but not too dramatic. Didn't think the music for Mandy fit.

Either that, great game!