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Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"

I think if there was a skip through dialogue would hoep. Didn't like how the second clue was 10X's harder to find. I think the little girl pulled off the clown nose off the clown ad feels guilty that he's being blamed for the murder so is helping the detective. Great game and would love to see more from you.

The game was pretty short, and it was evident pretty early on who the murderer was so everything after that was just fluff. Idk. It could've been a more complex mystery. Really, I felt like I was playing one of those old scooby doo mystery pc games. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. While there wasn't much novelty, the game was still very enjoyable as well as light-hearted and even a little funny here and there. Overall, I liked it, but it certainly wasn't perfect and there's a decent amount of things that could've been delivered better.

A truly excellent game. It was like a fantastic mashup from both the Phoenix Wright & Nancy Drew Adventure series. Also, I very much enjoyed the rich music selection, because it provided a truly immersive atmosphere.


Great game with awesome music tracks.

The game is fun, because it grants player to start rusing his/her brains to discover the truth of the murdering. Also: In the finale, its awesome when player will be surprised by the challenge, where his/her memmory is being tested. Its challegning if you don't have good memmory! Trust me!

I would loved, if this game would have been medals, but its okay. Game is kind of addictive and awesome.

I totally suggest this game.

Nice game