Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"

Perfect, but I do have one question...

If Grimoire is a detective...then where is his hat?

Amazing. Simply Amazing.

Front Page. Definitely. You guys definitely put a LOT of work into this, you guys deserve the high scores. Amazing game, I loved the whole "Point and click" poplay style, it reminded me of Hotel Dusk for DS :)


i love it!

it was perfect! i was missing a clue in the end, i think. but i still won the game. the grunting and laughing got a little annoying, but the game was great. brilliant thinking! haha, and i love the end with the little dancing characters.


The storyline, the gathering up of clues and everything was just fantastic. One thing that did impress me was the eye contact interrogation, which was one thing that you don't see much in detective games.

Please, I beg you, make another. That six months of hard work has more than payed off (average rating of 9.2=amazing).

Lets get this sequel on deck

Ill admit it was a bit challenging but once i figured out how to introduce evidence by clicking on it when in front of a suspect I finished up quickly. I spent over an hour playing but still I want more twists, suspects and clues...just dont make me pay. And what was with the little girl. if you make a sequel put her in it again.