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Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"

Good game

I need help finding one last clue please help!!!!!!1

Possibly the best game on Newgrounds

Wow, I had a great time with this one, managed to do it in one sitting, but it wasn't exactly a short sitting. absolutely awesome work guys, way to make the cogs turn. I had a great time playing.

It's just a shame there wasn't a butler around, then the case would have been easy.

My only complaint was that adjusting the quality seemed to be disabled =(

Also, I notice in your making of feature, you give a nod to "Relentless" If I might add, whenever I buy the stuff, I keep it wrapped in a tea-towel, just incase the design on the can accidently summons Satan

Seriously, that is one scary can of energy drink.

awsome and really challenging

i wont tell anything about it incase of a spoiler so i was really surprised who it was and the motives 1 thing tho wen i was doing it i didnt get was wat was with the giant space and there was a free space in the inventroy and last wat was with that girl she was freakishly wierd keep this awsome stuff up!

great game

great game
great graphics
great job

And another great game from SFB!

Honestly, there's not much to say. It was awesome, and in every way necessary.

PS-To some of the previous reviewers...that's just rude. Don't give away spoilers like that.