God$peed - Find Him

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A dark ambient bed. Good for tension/suspense

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This song would be perfect for a creepy "abandoned area" level in a game. Awesome job!

Hmmm great for slenderman and it is scary if you thing about it right just don't play this in a graveyard I live in front of one so this kinda scares me a bit not to much still it's very good a 5/5 good sir

WhoDunIt... music XD

This was in the doom mod whodunit map01 to be exact :D

dark ambient

u ver listened to dark ambient anyway i mean real dark ambient i mean this isnt scary at all and the originality rate is also pretty low go get a fx soun stretch it like hell put a reverb over it look for some nasty sounds and edit and rebounce them amster it put themin ur track get some nasty reece as sub bass and add some creepy sounds i think u only did was a pad and some drums ?

GodSpeedIam responds:

Was that supposed to be english?

Should be in FEAR

Man this should be in Fear the game it would fit so well into it well done