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Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"

That little girl...she's so creepy...

Ugh!! I'm stuck! Sometimes games are frustrating. This game will get popular if it isn't. I am telling you!

I'm stuck where Mandy has one more thing to say but it's missing.
Could you help me out?

------------------------------------------------------------- Rebecca ----------------------------------------------------------------

Seems nice, but the reason I didn't get far is that it's seems a bit old...and it is, 2007, wow pretty good, with all the art, sound effects...etc.
Like how a detective game should be, lots of witnesses, choices, but what I don't like that whenever I click somewhere other than an entrance, I get a long dialogue...what if there was something important in there?

Nice game, a real detective drama with a whole host of characters, detailed locations and a fiendish mystery to solve. :P I like the interface, and the way you interact with the characters even by just skimming through conversations, without actually doing anything. Wish you could skip specific messages in the intro the same way as you do in the real game though. The menu is easy to use, with not just images symbolizing the different parts but actual text, which is a nice addition. Plenty of story; plenty of puzzle... and plenty of interactivity in character expressions, speech, sound, etc. Overall it's an extensive detective game, nice work!


The setup and suspense is nice and all, but once you go to the last room, it becomes painfully obvious who the murderer is. And I think the detective is too quick to point out a suspect as innocent. But I guess I shouldn't complain - this is a Flash game after all....