Reviews for "Detective Grimoire"

So much fun!

Thanks for making this game, had a blast playing it!

8/10 One of the best.


- The artwork was very good, overall. Especially the director was nicely drawn
- It had a good length for a Flash game, and that caused me to get more into the story.
- Point and click is a semi-forgotten genre that can give us some awesome adventures. This is a good example of it.
- There was a big variety of clues
- The rivalry between Charles and Ricky wasvery alive. The drawing in the toilet finished it.


- The whole 'Fair murder' idea was copied from Phoenix Wright
- The story was too linear. When you've met everyone one time you've almost finished the game already.


I really like detective and point and click games, and this was a good example of it. Next to Jack French, this is one of the few quality detectives on the internet. The artwork was good, and the few poses were good enough to explain the feelings of the characters. I hope to see a Seequel soon.

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

Hey, thanks for the review.

This game is inspired mostly by Phoenix Wright, yes, but when making it I had not played through Justice for All, and so I didn't know about the circus case. I think they're very different.

The whole "creepy fairground murder" thing is a cliche, and I wanted to use it with that in mind.


pretty good

pretty good game.took me about an hour or so.but one problem with it.the whole grumble thing people do to talk drove me nuts.if you make a sequel,try and fix that.

you guys got problems

how can you use 2 days? i made it in hour... mainly because talking took long time...
was easy...but good!


I loved this I played it once but didn't know you could ask suspects about clues so I wasn't able to finish but today I checked the help and found out about it and was able to complete it