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People said they wanted something with a new and extraordinary concept, so i made this game. You have to draw your own way to the coins you have to collect in this game while escaping an evil enemy. Took some days...

*edit: when i made this game i never heard of any game like this so i thought it would be a new concept*

Frontpage, masterpiece and masses of favorites at sheezyart.com


what the hell were you thinking

fun for the first 45 seconds....then it just starts to piss you off. i thought it was some sweeet graftti wall for people who are to cool for real graftti, but it wasnt so i dissaponited...then i'm like what the hell i'll give it a try....draw a game? what the hell were you thinking? i thought to myself as i played this game. i almost instantly clicked it off.....wondering to myself....why? It's just stupid and boring...and you act to impulsivly with the little orb and whoops ur ass no problem. within 2 seconds of it hitting you your fucked. so i ask you...why did you make this, good concept i mean but so were like grape flovared apples....those are just fucking stupid.....i want to draw....while running from some annoyumus force i will make a comic in school so something enterataining.....serousily, you'd have to be stoned or drunk off your ass to enjoy this. then it would be hailirous or like comon man i gotta win...come on.....haul ass god damn....i'll be nice and give it a 2

Sorry, but your not the first to do this.

There was an entry that made front page awhile ago, something like "draw (somthing I forgot)" but anyway the point is, they already did that, and Im sorry but, frankly it was drawn way better in that version. So I cant really give you a good score for this.


needs a better speed going slow ok so you can draw coorectly


You cant jump when the spike ball is coming at you, and its hellishly hard to go upwards


I didn't like it. At all. It wasn't new...it wasn't original. It's been done...both on Newgrounds and numerous other sites. There are so many things you could do to improve this...but...honestly...I would just scrap the game entirely and start over. You need better graphics...the ability to use wasd...and you need to make it a helluva lot more interesting. It's very boring and got old within a matter of seconds. Blah.

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3.58 / 5.00

May 5, 2007
6:02 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other