Reviews for "Draw-A-Game"


I liked the concept (drawing to run), but, instead of running, mix the drawing game style with gun/sword play, add money and upgrades in, and you've got an awesome game. think about it, being able to slice enemys in half by drawing a stright lines across them.


I agree, you need to make it also allow the asdf keys. Another thing, you should be allowed to jump through your own lines. Also, it might be good to have an item to blows up the evil ball and delays it for say 15 seconds. music. you need music to set the mood. also add sound effects for jumping, walking, the proximity of the evil ball and for falling.

it'd be a whole lot better with those changes.

good job.


Good game, fun concept, but absoultey impossible to play on a laptop if you are left handed. If you made the movement controls ASDF as well as the directional keys I would be very happy.


Theres to many major flaws in the game, Pretty much it

not that great...

The spike ball is too hard to dodge. Needs many improvments including the height of coins and the way yo can dodge the ball.