Reviews for "Draw-A-Game"


I didn't like it. At all. It wasn't new...it wasn't original. It's been done...both on Newgrounds and numerous other sites. There are so many things you could do to improve this...but...honestly...I would just scrap the game entirely and start over. You need better graphics...the ability to use wasd...and you need to make it a helluva lot more interesting. It's very boring and got old within a matter of seconds. Blah.

I like it a lot but it needs ! IMPROVEMENTS !

Ok I'll explain what I and what I dont like about this game!!!

Pros:this games is very addictive and will attract multiple players which is very good and the music was good, like one for 3 different personality and it was a very good game for addictive players.

Cons:I think the should have been lvl settings for begginers and really hard settings.There should have been different backgrounds and marker colors, but the worse thing in this game, it may have been a glitch or something you did but it sucked,when you clicked to draw your way and went off the screen and let of the mouse and came back into the screen it stayed on and it stilll draws when your not holding down the left clicker!!!

Overall:This game has its pros and cons but it was one of the best ketcher upper games I have ever played....looking for a sequel soon. this game was fun!!!


A hugely addictive and enjoyable game. Great music, particularly the first track. I'd love to get the name of that ;)

its ok... but as allways with me...

theres room for improvment, such as: when you draw a (indestructable) wall you would expect that would send that evil spike ball bouncing off!!!

Decent, but

i seemed to like this game quite a bit and it lasted about 30 minutes for me, which is a long time.

anyway, the porblems i had was that using the arrow keys as controls were a bit annoying. also, the game movement was sometimes unresponsive when going up steep slopes. other than that, a decent, solid effort.

keep it up!