Reviews for "Draw-A-Game"


it is just crap you have to press the music buttons you have to draw with the mouse when you are useing arrow keys it's just crap.


1. when playing, turn on awsome music (2 or 3)
2. NEVER let go of the jump key
3. scrible under your charactor (this makes it go faster)
4. if you get stuck, hold the jump key, and scribble on your charactor so he can sqeeze out.
hope this helps.

okay, i guess

this game is nothing like i have ever played before.


Its more like Draw-a-platform than Draw-a-game.

not wat i would play

the pen is hard 2 control with contorling the man 2 and u should have lest put sumtin that we could use 2 defend ours selfs it preety hard and i have play lots of hard games that came out 2 b easy nice try put nxt time use litte more brain power to make the nxt one