Reviews for "Draw-A-Game"

Very nice.

I like this concept very much. The spike ball chasing me was a pain in the ass, but provided a good challenge. Wish I could trap the thing by drawing walls around it. Oh well. Hope you have more for us in the future.

Good Idea!

Died after 3 or 4 Points.... but it's a very good idea...

Not my kind of game, but i think its quite fun if you like such games.

At first this game made no sense... but when i jumped on one of the lines all became clear


that was simply amazing

realy good

graphics were normal but good, sty
le was realy good. No sound, maybe violence were there a bit by the evil ball. Enteractivity, 8, humor, none.


Great game very unique category not seen many like this game you should use your skills to make more games like this