Reviews for "Draw-A-Game"

I like it!

I think this is one of the most new concepts of games i have ever played, the game is very challanging in which case not a simple, easy game to wiz through however if you tried having levels too it could be funner and also barriers to make it evan more challenging! Althogh my highest score was 15. not very high but I enjoyed and evntually I developed my own stragey which got me amazingly far away from the evil ball. Which is very develish.

Igave it a nine because i feel that the game was a bit too chalenging because you cant get away from the ball that easily.

Some ideas:

1. If you had different modes (e.g. Multiplayer, Who can get the most coins before dying. e.g. Multiplayer, Ball VS. Person)

2. If you had levels, you could have more than 2 evil balls or so.

3. Bonus coins

Good luck to all those playing the game!


You cant jump when the spike ball is coming at you, and its hellishly hard to go upwards

Pretty cool

Its kinda hard but fun and new! nice work


very adicting but can you make + hp and + speed packs? OR EVEN JET PACKS :) i revewed and gave you a 5 on your other games ^_^


This is awesome! make another one I couldn't beat it that many times because my mouse suxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!