Reviews for "Draw-A-Game"

Very Nice.

The only improvements could be maybe health packs and more enemies (random though and if their are multiple then slower). anyway nice and on my fav list for sho

f*cked up game

graphics could be better, no style if you ask me, 0 violence, couldn't really laugh about it so 0 humor aswell

Original but needs more simple approach!

I played it and think the idea is good but some how navigating a puppet and drawing your playfield at the same time is to much to handle.
I think you have something unique on your hands here. Something that combines linerider with platformgames.
Still these controls don't do it for me.

It might be an idea to prompt the draw option on points where an automatic walking figure gets stuck. I don't know :)

decent but slowly.

nice game,however it lags...alot at times you just cant play it.
you say clear it with spacebar but you would have to use space bar every 2seconds.

der-Wahnsinn responds:

then use the quality controls....

realy good

graphics were normal but good, sty
le was realy good. No sound, maybe violence were there a bit by the evil ball. Enteractivity, 8, humor, none.