Reviews for "Draw-A-Game"

Original and technically impressive

I think the low score here shows that the users Newgrounds don't appreciate originality - a done-to-death defense game can shoot in at #1 but this gets a modest 3.4something. I'm glad you got Front Page because this deserves some attention.

The line drawing style isn't completely new, I've played a few similar concepts such as Jack Russel. But it's still something that I don't see often, and I haven't seen this idea of drawing to get up as fast as you can.

The difficulty level was just about perfect, it was never impossible to dodge the enemy but very hard to avoid contact at all times to ensure it wouldn't go one forever.

Thing's got a little bit repetitive after a while, there's a lot of things you could add here. Some suggestions:

-Health restores that only appear for a few seconds, for frantic jumping to reach them.

-More things to avoid on screen, maybe randomly placed bombs to avoid.

-The enemy could have a few special attacks to unleash as the game progresses. For example, he could freeze for a second then fire a vertical beam.

-Checkpoints would be good, so that the player can't fall too far without being caught by a fixed barrier. These could also automatically wipe any lines below (the space pressing thing was a bit annoying).

-The background was very simple, I think this could be improved a lot, and also change over time to add some more interest.

I'm working on a similar game at the moment and I know how good the coding is here. Such an engine could spawn a lot of different games, maybe some more bonus games would be good (the drawing game here was a bit pointless, who doesn't have MS Paint?).

This rates in my top ten games for the year so far. I hope you come back with a good follow up. Very good work, 9/10.

u rock.

i luv the idea and i luve the style.
man i only got 13...
not cause it sucks...
it's because i suck..

this game rules...
more! more! more!

its like kirby canvas cuse

its like kirby canvas cuse exsept you hame to move
buy your self i like it


Nice, but I'm way too stupid to play this game. My highest score so far is 3. >:(
So uh, nice concept. It would be really handy if you were able to jump through your own lines from the bottom though. I keep banging my head and running into that ball.

Higher and higher

Hope it all works out XXDarkfireXX ;)

I found this a fairly playable game, t'was fun for a quick timekiller. The controls were fairly easy, and the game would have been p*ss easy, if it weren't for that damn bomb homing in on you. Not only did it force me to rush my lines, thus making them too high, but to avoid it I often had to jump down more than 1.5 screens as the lines were in eratic places. The idea of the coins getting higher and higher makes this game more tricky, as the higher you go, the father you have to fall. I would prefer it if the coins generated in random places.
Aaahh, as for the sound, I rated it an 8 as there were 3 different tunes, and by different I mean different music genres. Which was good depending on what mood you were in. Graphics weren't top notch, but were as clear as they needed to be for a game like this.