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Mobile Weapon

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This is the Completed version!

In the world of Sios, people pilot large armoured mechs called MAWs (Mobile Adpative Weapons). Discover secrets and brave the dangers of Acero Isle in this epic online adventure RPG.

This is a sequel to the popular Mobile Weapon: Zero.

Visit www.mobileweapon.net for updates and the premium version (with more weapons, items, areas and 1 new character).

Spoiler and Walkthrough in the Forums:



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I played the one that EvelynnSmurf said in the review section and I finally got to get the full experience of the game. So to pretty much start this is a sequel to the first game and it's a big improvement over the first one. So you pretty much start as a girl or guy training in a cave trying to get used to the machine with someone. I started as a girl because I wanted a new experience and named her Aisha based on the anime girl from Galatic Star anime from the 90s. The game is pretty easy to get used to you have things you can do in the game. You go through caves, junkyards, jungles, beaches, and other places in this game. You get different weapons in the game like guns and melee weapons. The guns are more powerful to use since they have more damage and more hits per attack compared to the melee weapons. You get two suits in the game the first one which is weak and the second one which is better where you can use super abilities with it like attacks that can almost one-shot normal enemies. I do like the visual in this kind of reminds me of the PS1 game Xenogear (Never played the game but will someday). Two other characters can heal, attack, and can do group attacks. You do get money in the game that can help you out as you play in the game and some equipment can be useful like the one that can heal you or the robot that can heal you when in battle. The bosses when I first played the game were tough but I got used to it and didn't have to worry very much about it since I upgraded my characters to a point where I can use the super abilities. For some weapons, you need to have these energy things to use some weapons and armor to use it which I got confused with at first then figured out how it worked. There are bounties you can do like fighting certain monsters that spawn at a certain place but it takes a long time when you are looking for them so you have to be patient when you are trying to find them. Some fight and some run away so get used to it. The music in this game is pretty good and this is one of the few RPGs on Flash that I finished. I was disappointed when I realized that there wasn't going to be a sequel. If there ever is a sequel the person should put it on Steam since that's where some Flash game developers are putting their games at now. You do get items like a smoke screen that can reduce your chance of fighting enemies depending on the grade you have like from grade F to grade A or S if it exists. You can rest in the game that can increase time by a few hours but I rarely do this since the game doesn't change much except for how the sky looks like. You do get clothes and accessories for your characters that can increase your attack range, evasion, and accuracy. Like shirts, pants, shoes, and jewelry. I think there's one I missed but I won't go back to the game to check since I'm lazy. Some clothes can give negative attributes but that's rare to see. There are monsters that you fight in the game like robots, floating coin monsters, drill monsters, bats, and so on. There are points where I nearly got killed because of how not careful and cocky I got in the game but I was lucky to survive and not start at a certain section again to grind. There are secret areas in the game when you cut the grass and look for signs saying that there's a secret place somewhere so be on the lookout for those. So back to the story which will have spoilers so be wary when you read my review of it. When you get back to town you pretty much help your uncle by doing favors for him like going to the junkyard to fighting a robot boss that you get later for doing a different quest for your uncle. You get help from someone then go get 3 things from a mine then fight a boss that I beat so easily using the special. After that, you go to town to go to a different town and fight the person who helped teach you the game mechanics. After that, you go to the town, and turns out you have to go back then turns out the uncle has been kidnapped by some military group. Before you go into the other town you meet them and you have a bit of conversation with them and go on your way. You fight the boss that you lost but you can beat her and get a pretty powerful item but I don't have time to do that. The people from the town you live in see what happened and tell you where the military group went and you're on your way to save your uncle. You go to the town you're supposed to go to and get a schedule showing the time of the water for the cave that is useful unless you have tents that can advance time for 6 hours. After you get to the end of the cafe you fight the pretty easy boss go back to town and make your way to the other side of the game and it ends. Now for the premium version. In this version, you help an archeologist who is trying to explore the temple and you help her out by going through the place and fighting new monsters on your way. When I did the puzzle I got so confused by it that I looked up what to do which helped out a lot. After doing that and another puzzle like it you fight the boss that has 2 arms that can heal him so it's best to take him out. After that, you go to the end of the temple and find a teleporter. When that's done the archeologist goes along with you and that's about all I can say about the game. This game took me over 15 hours to beta since I had to deal with the bounty quest. There was one I missed but I couldn't even find the monster I was looking for nearly an hour so I gave up on it. I give this game a 9 out of 10. If you're going to get the premium version it's pretty easy to get working. Just download all the game files from the link from EvelynnSmurf and click on Flash player and you'll be able to play the game. Also at the end of the game, I couldn't see the ending cutscene because I got a white screen so I couldn't see what was going on but I already knew what happened so I didn't need to worry. This is probably my longest review of a Flash game since I have a lot of good memories with this game. Thanks for reading my review and have a nice day.

Building on the comment below by 132132132:

Here is the premium version, 3 other builds, Mobile Weapon Zero, and NeoBots (super rare first demo of Mobile Weapon). I also included the SWF Player, some save files for the game, music (not all files), and some images related to the game that aren't easily available.

The 1 thing I'm missing for this game is the level editor. If anyone has it, please let me know! As far as I know, it might be lost unless someone has it on an old HDD or Tyler has it.


https:// drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lnW3pQWu9N3nbbVsNAHFjSAnJEQYCa1j?usp=share_link


To anybody who still wants to play premium version of this amazing game, I finally managed to dig up a copy I had after hours of searching, and here is the link to download:


This version has the saving feature fixed. To run the SWF by itself, you will need to extract all files and download the "Flash Player Projector" from the web page:


Ya;s Meanin' After ALL THAT Fer Azure Cove Th' Task@ Clearing Same Gets A Body
Beachside Sushi/Rice Balls Fer Th Effort.... \ ; ]]

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4.37 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2007
7:46 AM EST
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