Reviews for "Mobile Weapon"


very intricate kinda slow with the battling but a lot to do in the game if you want to leveling up can take a while and buying everything you need can get costly. i have two ?s 1) how do you get to the secret boss in azure cove with the fried rice and 2) what time of day do you go to the tidal cave for the water to be gone. im currently lvl 14 with all the clothes and the best armor for all of them that i know and grinding for more money for weapons and augments. the graphics for an rpg game especially on newgrounds is astounding the sound can ge annoying so i just turned it off but overall i can give you a 9 . your page fro the premium is not even there anymore i thing you should just release the full game for free on here so were just not left hanging honestly its one of the first games to start your career you dont use it anymore so there is no point to just leave it anyways great game and good luck in the future

Good Game

The game is very good for a 2007 RPG game... Reminds me of you good and bad ones i played... And also WHEN you do the task of giving the bill and handed the bill from the clothes store owner you will be given a recpiet instead and when you read it It saids "D.Drew" "Drew" is the last name of Donna so.... Yeah... after all those years of getting it wrong...

Very Art..... And take the rifle from your pal at the tutriol area(plus her armor)

looks cool to me

good job

Great Delivery

great battle system, good story, balanced equipment/enemies, and very fun to play.
only thing holding back from a perfect 10 is incomplete game, despite the fishing hut, you can't buy and gear, or fish. the ancient ruins are locked as well, and there are mention to hidden areas that simply don't exist. very minor details tho, that are overshadowed by a great game.


Very good work, boyoh.