Reviews for "Mobile Weapon"


Whoa this game is awesome dude.


Brilliant game, played it for a long time :)
Loved the layout, the look. The sound was perfect for the style.
You should be a games developer.


Fun, addictive game with nice graphics. The battles are a little slow and the battle music can get annoying, but overall, this game is very nice.

I seem to be stuck though, I can't get into Lazlos Mine because it says that the 'mine is closed'. What am I supposed to do now? I haven't entered the mine yet and was about to start on that quest...

TylerProjects responds:

You have to complete the first quest in the scrapyard first.

Then you'll get *something* to help you access the mines.. :D


very,VERY good,but erm....i beat da game,but i'm just wondering,wen ur battling da captian,(were they kidnapped uncle ron,and battled,all 3 of ur maws)wut if u were strong enough,and defeated him?wut would happen?would it end da game?game maker plz respond and answer my question

Stop asking him what to do..

It's a great game,but finding out where to go isn't the problem,it's fighting the monster there that is,I understand your trying to make it diffrent,but thats annoying how the monster can attack whenever they feel like,it should have been turnbase to make it less diffcult.