Reviews for "Mobile Weapon"

Really nice game!
i'm a rpg fan and this game is AWESOME!!!!

I dont know if any 1 still plays this game but just a friendly warning when playing this DO NOT go play Mobile wepaon episode 1 the incomplete version of this because when you start a new game and do quick start it creates a new save and deltes the save on this completed version i had 3 characters lvl16 and best weapons/ armor possible before fighting the boss with 5k hp and i lost all that data :(

Wow I haven't played this for years. This is great.

Tip for noobs: Take the shotgun from Calisto during the tutorial

omg i lost to the commander biach


Man, this game is totally great. it has good weapons but, i wish you didnt have to have a requiment,and mabye some more weapons, but overall great game.