Reviews for "Mobile Weapon"

This is one of many flash games that I played as a 5 year old and I still love it, I'm replaying this years later and I'm spending the time to grind again.

Problem is there's no way to get the premium now, if anyone who has it can send it through the reviews, do help a fellow fan. A bunch of sites gave me viruses, and RapidShare closed down so we can't use that either.

Another unrelated question, is exported data able to be used in the premium?

This is a really fun game. I have beat all the bosses and obtained every weapon. The only sad part is that I cant access to the premium to buy the full version of this game and I really want to. SOMEONE OR ANYONE! FIX THE PREMIUM SO WE CAN ALL BUY IT OR PLAY IT! WE NEED THE PREMIUM VERSION NAOW!!! please.

I love this game, Beat it years ago, multile times, Even beating SERRA SUPERION. But what happend? Why can't I Buy the Premium Version? What happend? This really pisses me off I don't understand. Also, When I save, I can't load my file? It's just not there. Idk what's happening, I just wanna play an Awesome game again. And wanna have new content as promised. :(

Ah hahaha the fried rice chef is Chow Yun Fat.

I still cannot find the secret area near the entrance to endless gorge. Could you be more specific about the place and which bushes to go between?