Reviews for "Mobile Weapon"


Pretty nice for an adventure game. I usually get bored unless there are amazing graphics but I like the upgrade system. More graphics would still be cooler though.

nicely done game!

so far from what i've seen in this game everything is pretty cool. not too complicated and fun. i do think though that if you could see the change in physical appearance of the mech when you use different weapons and armors that would be a great improvement. just an idea i thought i'd pass along. all together this game captures your interest and turns out to be good.

A Classical, with bad exp in RL

When this was the rage of strategy thinking of what happens, later, there have to be a second episode to explain the technical side of what's going to happen/when it was appeared before the spin-off/adaption(not adding)

Once again I play this again to fully remember my times as strategies of what I use for each different part of capacities to fully optimize my MAW powers

Hey Ty will you step up once again to finish this where your new music person gladly acknowledges your loss and steps it up to fit as the next part of what's you were missing all of these past three years

Also remember, that you were in a roll of doubts after the buyable version, were there sells to the number that you actually remember that, before your withdrawal of the creating gaming world

No episode 2?

i like the concept of equipping different weapons for different attacks and equipping different engines for different charge rates and capacities.

I only have one problem, the story's too short. when your story only has 4 bosses (only three actually count as actual boss battles), it's a sign that it could use a sequel.

Other than that, NICE JOB!!!!!!!! you've made something worthwhile!

Retro Game Classic

I played through the premium version (except finishing the Ancient Ruins), the combat and equipment works really well (smooth and fast gameplay), while there is a very monotonous grind to it, it gets more fun the longer you play. There where no glitches except the Hunter quests being impossible to complete as you almost never encounter the monsters in the labelled areas.

I really loved how none of the statistics became overpowered, it's all very nicely scaled and balanced. Considering how many years old this is, it's a very original game (and story) with it's own style, sadly it seems Tyler has had no activity since 08, I read on his Blog that Reuben the guy who made the music, died in an accident at 23 so perhaps personal tragedy has struck his life and he has withdrawn.

It's sad Episode 2 will never be, the music I admit is really unique and personal, having finished this game, I'm left saddened by it all.