Reviews for "Mobile Weapon"

im detr

sorry im great this game and good historie 0/9

Best RPG ever!

While I am a huge fan of games of most styles, I was just never into RPGs at all. It seemed like it took a lot of thought to play, and that is not what I look for in a Newgrounds game. This, however, was probably the best one as I knew I had to give a 10 to at least one RPG, given all of the reviews I have. The characters are really interesting and the CGI is fantastic. It helps that it is a pretty easy thing to understand too. Of course, it also helps that the game is pretty easy for me to play too.


i like newground

I loved it!

I've been playing this since it came out, it was amazing. Only let down is that it's not the full version. But hey, the graphics were amazing, the story and the game play in general! If you're still reading this then what are you waiting for?

is there a part 2?

Nice game.
Nice story.