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World Defense

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World Defense by ArmorStudios.
ArmorGames and ArmorStudios brings you the most original defense game!
Flash 8, you can set quality options in the options menu. I suggest putting everything to LOW.

May I (and Kenney) present you our newest work, probably the most unique defense game you've ever seen. Not only graphical, but the engine is also quite unique. This has a good and bad side, the bad side is that you have to read instructions instead of just diving in like in any other defense game so please take the ingame tutorial.

Graphics - Kenney
Scripting - Gabriel
Music - Shift 'n Shift (Gabriel), paragonx9
Sounds - Shift 'n Shift (Gabriel)
Idea - Kenney
Development - Armor Studios
Sponsorship - ArmorGames.com

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the main menu's music is from riddle transfer!

Certanly unique

The consept and the whole game idea is entertaining and amusing.

The music in game did get on my nerves and was extremly anoying, to be honest the maingame song didn't suit that kind of game but the menu song made a great buildup for the game.

The graphics on the other hand was smooth and nicely made, but what bothered me was that it said World defense on the planet itself, like we need to be
reminded of what we are playing.

Nevertheless this was an interesting and fun game to play.

It's ok I guess

10 stars - minus 3 for the 3 upgrades u get, another 3 off for the repetitive gameplay and no imgination, 1 off for the "mega" ozone lair as I thought it might've been a whole circle instead of being gaps, oh look you have no stars from me.

Decent, but won't occupy much of my time

A simple arcade game with easy to understand controls. Very little depth however, and there seems to be no benefit to striking the meteors in different places, or if there is, it isn't explained. The upgrades also cost points, which seems counterproductive.


so you dont want you houses to be destroyed. and you let the plant take the hits. that dosent make much sense to me. where is the army!.