Reviews for "World Defense"



OK, it has an interesting idea.

But it was not what I expected, it was slow and very repetitive, always the same meteors just again and again... Upgrades are dull and I don't like the music.
To make it more realistic, meteors should burst in flames in ozone layer and shrink a little. And also, meteors from bottom and up don't give you time to do anything.
And I suggest putting everything to HIGH, because I have a slow computer and it worked perfectly.


great concept
not too hard but challenging
sometimes tiny meteors pass through the ozone layer
[ the smallest ones, ans i swear the layer is solid]
needs more upgrade like weapons or buildings repair
maybe feature some aliens?
the only building i blew up is the armor studio [ sorry]
it's so big :P
anyway i love this one

Glitch haven

Good concept, but I found three major problems 1. the world would rotate on its own when the cursor was on radar 2. the game was too hard when given a skyscraper 3. the meteors would ocasionaly pass THOUGH a solid block of ozone layer

pretty good

really great graphics.but needs more upgrades and need something you can use to shoot with.