Reviews for "World Defense"

Very fun game

When I first heard "world defense" I thought it was going to be a satire of George W. Bush defending the Earth or something. It would also be a strategy game with sending squadrons. To be honest, I would have probably not enjoyed it as much if it had been like that. The best part was the easy gameplay. It was cool to see the damage add up, especially with how you got to see the Earth's molten lava the more it got destroyed. The music made it sound really alien, even though there were no aliens involved.


the controlles are different and thats gd but there kinda annoying slightly also it not like most games but other than that the games abit too repentative and should change more with more upgrades


Interesting game!
I like it:)

Very unique

Haha i love it when you make a hole to the center of the planet

good game

but man would it suck monster balls to live there!