Reviews for "World Defense"

i like it

why is everyone saying kevin bacon? are you all spawns of him or something? XD


An original way too make a game. A tad repetitive, but it was worth playing.


okay this was kinda hard (the rating)... i'd like to give it high for originality and all, but um really... not everybody could agree with your taste in music, so it would really be useful with the sound on/off option ^^ music sets the mood in your game, so you wouldnt wanna chase away your players just because of your music yeah?


....Gay. especially how the highscore button sends you to armor games. how is it that you think spinning a ball in circles equates to a good time anyway?


Its not bad but not good either the music really stinks (in my opinon) too. All you do is create craters in the planet its too repetideve also I found myself to get hit at the bottom the most (blind hits) so plz fix that too.