Reviews for "World Defense"


I gave it a 5, But I do have a question:

Why has armor games suddenly started to make hundreds of flash submissions? Their being made faster than most can type...

regulargabs responds:

Kenney says:
ArmorGames.com doesn't make games, they only sponsor them. ArmorSTUDIOS.com makes games, that is me and Gabriel. It's a little confusing I know...

a masterpice!

I could go on playing this for hours:P

I loved this!

I loved this game it was fun it never grows dull and the graphics were superb how when the giant meteors came lava would appear keep it up man!

nice game

I liked the game. it's very different to other games. it's something new. I liked playing it and ill be trying to beat the game. I got up to level 18. it gets very hard. But if a second one hits the site. ill be into it.

love it

you have to make more