Reviews for "World Defense"

its bittersweet

i like it because its original, has nice simple controls, and it has alot of room to become something so much better

but i feel like this is a pre-release to something better, as if you were simply seeing if people liked the concept before moving onto a full game,
the upgrades were deefinitely lacking.
and it got boring after about level 10.

but, i think that if you made another version of this, with maybe more upgrades and stuff,

like maybe some levels could have asteroid fields, with moving rocks, and when the meteors hit the field, they would scatter, possibly blocking the meteor, or possibly sending space debris into your planet. thus helping or hurting the player.

maybe space ships that fly in and hover above the surface annoying you with lazers from time to time...

just these are just things to think about.

aside from the music, i liked it, moderate scores from me for a really good idea.


i found myself trying to make tunnels into the earth more than playing the gamee


ok i guess. Whats with the weird noise though?

Neat Idea but needs improvement

I enjoyed blowing holes in the earths crust But it does get a bit boring after level six.

Good concept...lots of potential

...in the end, there just isn't much substance to the game. As others have stated, the upgrades are lacking and the gameplay is inevitably repetative: The player's one and only task is spinning the planet around and that, unfortunately, gets old a little too quickly. A few dozen more upgrades, some different ways to stop the meteors (i.e. player can purchase a automated missile silo), and this could easily be turned into a very addictice game.