Dragon Wizard

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Arrow Keys for Motion, Spacebar Fires.
'P' for pause, 'M' for music mute.

Hang in there, things get more interesting at later levels with wind, damaging cold weather, gravity orbs, and more! Can you beat all 13 levels?

Thank you for playing!

Your friends and family have been slain by a metro sexual (yes, really!) French king. You must battle through many levels of increasing difficulty acquiring gold and purchasing upgrades to achieve your ultimate goal: the destruction of King Bleu Robe's castle!

Advanced Users:
Number keys 1-6 select spells that you have bought, ie your best lightning, water, fire spell, etc. Pressing the number key that correlates to your spell type (such as '1' for lightning) multiple times will select the weaker version of that spell if you own it.



Needs a cheat engine. This game is frustrating!

damn it

I know this game has been out awhile, why it's so bugged? bought blood of the fallen, it showed it in the thing taht shows which spell u r using, I shot, and it was just the first version, which I hadn't noticed at first. 3 DOES NOT CYCLE ANYTHING, plus the pause stopped working shortly! I so wish to play this without bugs >.<.

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it was

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frustrating and didnt explain game play

Could have been a good game, but how about like, instructions? How and if weapons could be cycled? Even if there were, the font was so small id be impossible to read. Better things to do than this game.

Eh it got boring FAST!

It was OK for a while but then i got bored lol...BUT I DO LIKE DA DRAGON XD

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3.62 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2006
9:37 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight